About Us

SUNCONS Trading and Contracting is a trading and construction company its prime involvement is Rice trading, Executing infrastructures and building construction projects. Suncons ranks high among infrastructure, building contractors and Rice traders in the State of Qatar.

Suncons quickly made a name and a proven track record for itself as a fast track contractor in various fields of engineering due to an excellent market reputation, providing high quality engineering, procurement and construction for water, sewerage, building and electrical installation for major civil works.

Suncons main objectives are to continue its pioneering excellence and to maintain its leadership through continuous development of its management, human resources, construction techniques, facilities and engineering know-how. These procedures are emphasized by the company commitment to total quality.

Quality Management

The two basic requirements of our business are Good quality products and total customer satisfaction. Our well-structured quality management systems ensure good quality management systems ensure good quality, safety, reliability and controlled cost at every stage of construction with a view to enhance total customer satisfaction.

Safety, Health & Environment

At Suncons safety is given the highest priority. The Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Policy set out by the company management emphasizes on Safety, Health and Environment through a structured approach. Systems and procedures have been established for implementing the requisites of safety at all stages of construction and in respect of machinery and materials.

Besides the enforcement of engineering measures and management controls, safety tools as per the needs of the operations, are provided to the employees free of cost. Safety tolls conforming to relevant Qatar standards area procured to ensure the quality of the appliances. Inspection and safety audits are conducted periodically. Awareness among the employees is sustained through regular training programs.

Safety audits and are carried out periodically to ensure safe working conditions at site.